Active management,
long-term partnership

We build value for both high-net worth and joint venture clients, with access to individual and portfolio investments. Our investment solutions fall into two categories.

Boundary Real Estate Wealth (BREW)

For high-net-worth, active investors, BREW opens the door to the attributes of the UK commercial property market. A traditionally hard to access sector, we bridge this barrier by sourcing, structuring and managing investments for clients. This means they can build and diversify their portfolios alongside a syndicate of like-minded, sophisticated investors.

Collaborative intent, aligned incentives

A shared focus is a pivotal part of our approach. We work closely with investors to help them maximise income and capital returns from investments. We have a record of investing alongside clients and our remuneration is often structured to encourage alignment. Even the most sophisticated investors need support, and we provide that.

Typical Deal Parameters

Up to £12m
6.00% +
1.35x - 1.60x

Strategic Partnerships

For family offices and other joint venture partners, we offer a comprehensive real estate asset management service. We target assets in all real estate sectors, although we’ll only pursue a purchase if the site achieves a targeted risk and return profile.

With longstanding advisor and agent networks, we have the infrastructure and capability to source and underwrite investments – as well as the expertise to actively manage and dispose of them.

UK-wide focus

Sector agnostic; value driven

Opportunities where we can leverage tax / corporate restructuring

Programmatic ventures / thematic strategies

Return-led opportunities

Deep expertise, broad capabilities

With Strategic Partnerships, our success is built on deep experience of the UK commercial real estate sector. Importantly, we have advised clients of all sizes on diverse investment needs in every point of the market cycle. Our current focus is on:

Mis-priced deals

Asset repositioning

Mis-managed assets

Exit strategies targeting different buyer pools

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